Description Fee
Initial Program Fee $3,400 Due prior to DS-2019 creation and issuance to exchange visitor
3rd Party Recruitment and Placement Fee $500-$2,500 Only if using a Global approved 3rd party partner, cost varies by partner.
Foreign Credential Evaluation $250-$500 Translation of degree and transcripts
SEVIS Fee $220 Paid directly to Department of Homeland Security
Embassy Interview $160 Paid directly to US Embassy or home country consulate 
Criminal Background/Fingerprinting $19-$60 Varies by country
Insurance Premiums $550+ Varies by individual 
International Flight $500-$1,500 Vaires
Housing and Relocation $3,000 suggested



Description Fee
Program Fee $2,400 Paid in twelve (12) monthly installments ($200/month) beginning January 1st through December 1st during the first full year of program. 
Transfer Fee $750 If approved to change schools.
State Certification/Licensure $80-$120 Varies by state
State Licensure Exams $60-$250 Varies greatly by state
Criminal Background Check $60-$160 Varies by school district
Health Insurance $550+ Varies by individual, MUST be renewed each year without lapse in coverage
J-2 Application Fee $250/per applicant One time fee due upon submission of application
J-2 Program Fee $500 One time fee due upon Global’s approval
Extension Processing Fee $1,000 Due no later than October 15th during the third academic cycle.
Extension Program Fee $3,700 Split into two (2) equal payments of $1,850. Due December 1st and upon approval by Department of State/no later than April 15th.
Non-Compliance Fee $1,000 Noncompliance with Program Regulations, Global’s Policies, maintenance of status issues, or verified incident with program participation.



Approved Domestic & International Partners

Approved Domestic & International Partners


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