Key Components

School: All Host Schools must be an accredited primary or secondary school and be able to offer a temporary full time teaching position in grades Kindergarten through 12th grade.

Written Offer: Host Schools must make a formal written offer for each exchange teacher.  The offer must contain; salary, duties, position offered, location and dates (duration; up to 3 years) of program.

Salary: Host schools are required to offer a competitive salary to exchange teachers that is comparable with what an American teacher with the same qualifications and experience would receive.

Additional Host School Responsibilities:

  • Participate in the selection process of the teacher candidates.
  • Comply with Department of State regulations and requirements of the J-1 Teacher Program.
  • Assign participant to a TEMPORARY FULL TIME teaching position.
  • Assign a veteran teacher to serve as a mentor of the exchange educator.
  • Provide clear expectations and resources to effectively perform the teaching assignment.
  • Provide J-1 Teachers the support and professional development needed to facilitate the success of the participating exchange teacher.
  • Involve J-1 Teachers in the school and community cultural activities.

For more information about the Department of State Bridge J-1Teacher Program, click here.